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Securing the publisher, serving the publisher

January 24, 2011
By Josh Wexler

Today’s AdExchanger post – “Securing The Publisher, Serving The Marketer” – has got it half right. The deck has been stacked against publishers for too long. But the only point when publishers will ultimately be secure is when publisher technology serves their needs – and isn’t just working to “grab” their inventory.

Marketers have benefited from billions of dollars invested in advertiser-centric tools. An explosion of third party buyers, audience technologies, exchanges, and platforms have brought meaningful dollars to the ecosystem (as John Ebbert notes in his AdExchanger post, “today’s big, ad tech ecosystem has been cranking out demand-biased (for the most part) innovation at a steady clip”). This is good. Yet premium publishers have not seen the majority of the value created by these technologies. Not even close. This is bad.

At ground level, this means developing tools and technology that serve publishers every step of the way. Our role is to build tools that enable publishers to implement their own unique business rules. This cuts across:

  • optimization technology at yield and campaign levels;
  • audience analytics and targeting technology capable of leveraging all sources of data;
  • security to protect users from malvertising and a publisher’s sales team from channel conflict and price erosion;
  • automation across every facet of the business to drive friction out and value up.

Publishers do have choices today, and that’s good news. The question that remains is whether the tools and platforms premium publishers are considering are engineered to their specifications, or to the specifications of companies whose ultimate goal is to serve the marketer and ONLY the marketer. There is no company today focused on the needs of publishers who combines the technology and scale of the Rubicon Project’s REVV Platform. Want an ecosystem that truly thrives? Secure the publisher, serve the publisher.

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