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Seven tips to succeeding with mobile video

October 7, 2015
By Marketing

We’ve crossed the Rubicon on Mobile, and there’s no going back. Young audiences spend 51% of their media consumption time on mobile devices, and watch 40 minutes of mobile video each day.

No wonder mobile video advertising is one of the fastest-growing sectors of our industry, forecasted to reach $8.6 billion globally in 2018.

Automated advertising (also known as “Programmatic”), makes it easy to buy and execute automated mobile video advertising campaigns with proficiency, targeting and transparency like never before.

How to get started:

1. Make video an integral part of every campaign: create compelling stories that have the power to forge meaningful consumer connections.

2. Target today’s most premium mobile audiences: across top publishers’ mobile websites and the most popular mobile apps — at scale.

3. Automate the delivery of breakthrough creative: from in-app native and pre-roll video to  the new “outstream” video for mobile web.


1. Outstream video for mobile web

Access unlimited video inventory on mobile web, where consumers click-through to check news reports, watch sports clips and catch the latest internet memes. Rubicon Project now provides programmatic buyers with outstream video ad formats for mobile web, on both iOS and Android.

Outstream video enables sellers to convert text-based mobile web pages into video inventory, solving the scarcity problem and meeting buyers’ demand for impressions suited to high-impact video creative. Outstream video units are dynamically embedded, viewable and user-activated :15 and :30 videos that appear within written content. They respect the user experience – launching only when the video area is viewable, playing sound only when user-initiated, and then simply dissolving back into the page on completion.

2.Rewarded video in mobile apps

Our industry has come a long way, and the new in-app rewards experience is a transparent consumer value exchange driven by opt-in advertising. Rewarded Video makes it easy for marketers to reach highly-engaged and motivated mobile users with branded video experiences. Completed video views are rewarded with virtual currencies, access to additional content or other benefits that consumers select and value.

Rewarded video is relevant far beyond the convention gaming app use case, and has application across many vertical industries, including news and sports, fashion and beauty, health and home.

Best of all, consumers like rewarded experiences:

  • 79% said that they like getting free virtual goods from clicking ads
  • Ads delivered during rescue, reward and encourage moments dramatically spike engagement rates — up to 543 times higher!
  • Avg. session length increases 4% with rewarded vs. non-rewarded ads

3.Pre-roll video

Discover and buy the most premium and in-demand video advertising units across our global mobile marketplace of more than 300,000 mobile apps and mobile web sites. Leverage our alliance with InMobi as well as integrations with such premium publishers as Turner Digital, CNN, The Financial Times, New York Post, Political Insider and more.

4.Interstitial video

Use these rich and engaging units to reach your target audience across 500 million mobile devices each month. Leverage our alliance with InMobi as well as integrations with comScore 500 publishers.

5.Expandable video

Combine the scale of banner inventory with the power of rich media interactive videos on MRAID certified sites. Our alliance with InMobi and the world’s most premium publishers allows you to run opt-in video ads for higher engagement and performance.

6.Location enhanced mobile video

Enhance the goodness of mobile video with location enabled audiences to improve campaign effectiveness. Our alliance with InMobi enables you to target your audience by fine grain location — including airports, hotels, car dealerships, grocery stores, and fast food restaurants — at scale.

7. Mobile native video

Powering The InMobi Exchange, only Rubicon Project can deliver mobile native video advertising at scale, across more than 7,800 fully transparent native apps. Native ads deliver 2-to-5X the engagement rates vs. banners, drive 40% more time spent interacting, and motivate 18% more purchase intent (InMobi,  IPG Labs; Celtra). That’s because, like Facebook’s promoted posts or Twitter’s sponsored tweets, native ads are brand stories that mirror the organic look and feel and mimic the user experience of a given mobile app or mobile web site. No wonder native ads will attract $21 billion in spend by 2018! (BI Intelligence.)

Availability: All of our video units are available in our Non-Guaranteed Orders platform as well as our exchange.


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