Thought Leadership

SPO: Why choose Rubicon Project?

November 26, 2018
By Jon Cooke, VP of Global Agency Sales

How does Rubicon Project enable SPO for buyers?

Some of the ways in which Rubicon Project can help promote the start of the SPO process, and also why you would consider Rubicon Project for SPO, is because we have been around for ten years. We have long-standing relationships with publishers. That helps facilitate priority in the ad server, potentially even custom executions like programmatic guaranteed, which are increasingly popular with buyers. But also because we have global scale. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and, as such, we have a complete depth and breadth of inventory and channels available on our platform, from desktop to mobile web to mobile app to digital out-of-home and connected TV. And we’re also very transparent. That’s at the core of our value proposition, that we disclose our total take rate. And we provide buyers with tools like Estimated Market Rate, or EMR, which helps adjust bids down in first-price auction environments, so that buyers don’t overpay.

SPO: Why should buyers choose Rubicon Project?

So, when you combine tools like that with the robustness of our supply, the various different channels and formats that Rubicon Project has for buyers to access, with our strict brand safety guidelines, our ads.txt compliance, our MRC Accreditation – we feel like we’re one of the strongest, if not the strongest, SSP out there to choose for SPO.

My name is Jon Cooke, I’m the Vice President of Global Agency Sales at Rubicon Project in New York, New York.