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Stand Out in Ad Tech

April 18, 2019

In this five part video series, our Managing Director of UK and Nordics, Steve Wing, recaps the trends and key takeaways for programmatic advertising that were presented at Ad Week Europe in London.

Part II focuses on Ad Tech companies standing out through innovation.


Steve Wing AdWeek Europe AW360 Live Interview

Jack Hershman: There’s an interesting graph, I recall seeing it three or four years ago, that showed the explosion of Martech and Ad Tech products in the space. You look back to, 2004 or 2005, there was one or two, like you say, and now it’s like there are just tiny little, there are lots now. What do you think it’s going to take for newer businesses coming to the fore, to sort of stand up and be actually heard, and break through that noise?

Steve Wing:  I think as always it will be down to innovation. What problem are you solving? Remember that programmatic, or the use of RTB, or buying by impression, grew up as a solution to opaque ad network sales, that were a solution to oversupply when the internet starts to become a thing. There were companies who were very agile in working out what the problem was and finding solutions. Any company that can do that will always find a place. But most of the platforms are getting bigger and bigger. So we’re seeing ongoing consolidation. So it will get tougher, but there’ll always be room for innovation. If you go solve a problem. You’ll be okay.

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