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Supply Path Optimization (SPO) at Havas

December 5, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Andrew Goode, EVP Head of Programmatic at Havas, explains what he’s learned by going through the process of Supply Path Optimization over the past year.


What have you learned through the implementation of Supply Path Optimization (SPO)?

SPO for us over the last year has been a really interesting exercise, and I think it’s enabled us to demystify the supply chain, and debunk some of the myths or fears that people have over consolidation and choice of partners.

And the biggest thing that I’ve learned is that we don’t need 40 partners within our supply chain to make things work. And I know that I can cut out the majority of supply partners, and we’ll still be fine.

Within that, it’s enabled us to get better quality media, and we can prove that through what we see in fraud and viewability. But most surprising, or most interesting, has been our ability to have more deep meaningful conversations with publishers, and really start to bring them on board into our conversations, and make this work for them as well as us.

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