Thought Leadership

The Future of Brand Safety

January 13, 2020
By Rubicon Project

In this new video, VP Engineering, Marketplace Quality & Security John Clyman offers his take on the future of brand safety, and how emerging formats lead to new brand safety concerns for programmatic buyers.


One of the big things we see evolving about brand safety is that new formats are emerging. We’re all familiar, of course, with display ads. And, you know, instream and outstream video. But we’re increasingly seeing Connected TV on Roku devices, and audio and native ads, and these new sort of formats have their own brand safety requirements.

If you think about audio, for example, that’s a great environment that a lot of buyers are really interested in, but it does present interesting challenges because there are certain genres of songs, and sometimes user generated songs on some platforms, or things like podcast materials, that may come with their own kind of brand safety concerns that buyers want to be aware of.

One of the key things the industry needs to continue doing is focusing on transparency. There’s a lot of complexity in the ad tech ecosystem. We all know that. There’s also a lot of opacity. It’s often hard to get a good picture of exactly who the entities in a full supply chain are.

So we’ve been working with industry groups and with our other partners in the industry to really help push for increased transparency about supply sources, about fees and other factors.

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