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The future of prebid

January 14, 2019
By Michael Barrett, President & CEO

Michael wraps up his video series with his take on the future of Prebid.

How do you see prebid growing in the future?

Prebid is so important not just to our fortunes but to the open web. For publishers, they’ve always been faced with a choice of what partner am I going to pick and is that partner going to be a viable partner and will they be around five years from now. And that can make it easy to pick someone like Google or someone similar because they may be around for another five years. Not that they were not super-excited about that choice but they want to deleverage their risk. Prebid being open source and adopted widely is almost that company. Prebid will be here five years from now. Some of the players adapting prebid might not be, but the simple fact is I am investing in the technology, I’m learning a technology as a publisher, as a buyer and I’m invested in it. And now I finally have the confidence that this open source technology that I understand is clean and is transparent. It will be viable and it will be here and that is really helping us compete with open web publishers head to head with some of the behemoths in the space.

I’m Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project.

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