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What does the future of SPO look like?

December 10, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project partners Ollie Steele from Ebay, Martin Van Der Meij from Wavemaker, and David Newman from Dentsu Aegis Network discuss how SPO has influenced transparency, why marketplace fees may disappear, and forming deeper programmatic partnerships.


What does the future of Supply Path Optimization (SPO) look like?

Ollie Steele, Advertising Yield Manager, EMEA, Ebay:

What we’re beginning to see is a lot more communication between agencies and us, publishers, often via SSPs, to get a better understanding of where their money is actually going, and what fees are being taken at every step. We believe – what we’re actually starting to see – is there’s much more interest being taken from agencies in every single tech fee. So that seems to be the future.

Martin Van Der Meij, Digital Strategy Director, Wavemaker:

What you see right now, with the whole supply path, is that I can buy Telegraph inventory in five different ways. The thing is, it’s really hard to understand what margins are being taken through what path. We were under the impression that marketplace fees would be a thing of the past. We know that Rubicon took some very drastic steps that actually paid off. But there are still a lot of companies in this industry that are taking hidden marketplace fees. So it was, for us as an advertiser, really important to understand how much money we were spending, and how much was being left to the publisher.

David Newman, Managing Partner Programmatic, Dentsu Aegis Network:

The future really is about deeper partnerships with the supply themselves. And creating that on a bespoke level.

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