Thought Leadership

The Importance of Privacy

January 6, 2020
By Rubicon Project

In this new video, CRO Joe Prusz explains why privacy is a core value at Rubicon Project, and why it’s so important to appreciate the consumer as the industry moves forward.


Privacy has been such an important part of our industry over the last several years, largely because you know we’re trying to figure out what is the win-win-win for both the user, the advertiser and the publisher. And often the industry forgets about the user, you know, the end consumer that makes all of this happen.

And so, over the last several years, the focus on privacy has been exciting, because it’s putting the consumer front and center again. That’s important for all of us. And the more every single person, and every actor in this industry, realizes we’re doing this for the consumer, then all of us will ensure that we’re building privacy compliant mechanisms that deliver value.

There has to be a value exchange for the consumer to want to participate in this ecosystem. And so the really great return to that understanding. And I think Rubicon plays a really important role in ensuring that we help bring our partners together.

Whether they’re DSPs and DMPs, buyers and sellers, we have a huge opportunity to kind of lead front and center. And pushing this world away from cookies and into privacy compliant device IDs.

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