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VIDEO: The Mobile Market

September 24, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Matt Cunha, Sr. Sales Director, Mobile, explains why more and more mobile publishers are turning to Rubicon Project for help with their programmatic strategies.


How has Rubicon Project helped shape the programmatic mobile space?

You know, Rubicon Project is one of the desktop focused SSPs and exchanges that are slowly starting to make their way into the mobile landscape, either through bidding in through A9, through server-to-server partnerships, or even through, you know, EBDA, as more mobile publishers are looking to DFP.

In general, just the mobile app landscape, I think what a lot of the larger mobile app developers are seeing, who have established titles, what they see is that a lot of the performance focused spend is starting to wane. And the CPMs are starting to shrink, in large part because there’s only so many new users that these apps are getting, where these performance-based advertisers are able to get another download or another install, and performance is starting to slow down, which in general results in lower CPMs.

So a lot of these partners are turning to desktop brand focused exchanges such as Rubicon to help, you know, bolster their monetization strategies.

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