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The rise of adtech 3.0

May 1, 2015
By Adam Soroca

AdTech is in the midst of a seismic evolution. The ground around us is shifting as the next generation digital landscape takes form. The rise of AdTech 3.0 is making for fascinating discussion and speculation. At nToggle we aspire to create a venue to learn and to share contemporary business and technology themes.

Few dispute that dollars will increasingly rush to digital channels as advertisers seek to reach consumers on phones, tablets, and PCs. Television advertising also holds the promise to shift to digital techniques such as programmatic audience targeting and measurement. As spend shifts to digital outlets, the industry systems and business practices must mature.

Ultimately, digital accountability will be held to a much higher standard compared to previous AdTech generations. Machines handle increased decision-making and heighten relevancy while improving user experience and advertiser performance. Clear delivery readouts of where ads run and which audiences were reached is a must. The time to tolerate fraud and non-viewable inventory has passed. Settling discrepancies based upon on handshakes will end. Campaign measurement linking users together across all media types and devices will become table stakes.

All of this has been made possible from the increased data passing through machines with greater precision coupled with technological breakthroughs.

The overarching theme is that AdTech must prove more effective and achieve greater scale than ever. Simply put, the tech has got to work and do so at staggering transaction levels.

Systems are increasingly designed to gain increased campaign performance and greater cost advantages. And, these demands are growing. To respond, AdTech technologists must innovate at a faster pace than ever.

Our blog will examine these interesting shifts in the way the industry conducts business and how technologies are deployed in exciting new ways.

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