August 28, 2019
By Rubicon Project

The Power of Transparency in a Well-Lit Marketplace

Ryan Mulcahy, Head of Revenue, North America, explains Rubicon Project’s commitment to transparency and why it has created stronger partnerships with buyers and sellers.


One of the things that – when Michael Barrett came on board a couple of years ago, and obviously the team around him was really focused on, is transparency.

It’s something that – it’s always the right thing to do – but it was so very timely as buyers and sellers were looking to cut out other partners, and were looking to be very mindful of what fees are in the space. And were looking to really cut out things like fraud, ads.txt happening.

So all of this kind of transpired over the last year when we were really, really laser focused on kind of opening the kimono, and making sure everyone understood exactly how we were managing the business.

I think that was something that was terrifically important to our success. But it’s something where everyone else in the space kind of followed, and it’s really moved us forward very, very quickly to getting to a place where the open web can really be a competitor to Google and Facebook.

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