Thought Leadership

Trends in ANZ

August 6, 2019

Rohan Creasey, Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, talks about programmatic market trends in ANZ and what he sees coming up.



What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in Australia and New Zealand?

Digital out of home, audio, it’s almost established now in Australia and New Zealand. Or at least on the cusp. It’s pretty exciting. I think they’re definitely going to be the highlights of the next year or two.

I think, outside of that, there’s plenty of places we can explore and look at, but it’s early days. Whether it’s programmatic automobiles – it’s wherever the internet’s going to be connected. They’re going to be interesting places to play. I know in Australia and New Zealand we’re a small and agile market, a great place to test. So any of these things, I think this is a good bedrock area for people to experiment.

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