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Twelve Years of Innovation

November 13, 2019
By Rubicon Project

It’s hard to believe ad tech is still in its infancy, but companies like Rubicon Project have fought the good fight for over a decade, ensuring that buyers are achieving better outcomes, publishers are monetizing programmatic advertising as best they can, and users experience quality content in a free and open web.

Here’s a brief history of the journey of Rubicon Project, and how we’ve helped ensure an open source, collaborative future for ad tech that will continue helping the digital ecosystem evolve and grow.rubicon project timeline 12 years of innovation

2007 – The birth of Rubicon Project

“Remnant” inventory was all the rage, and Rubicon was a key player in helping publishers maximize yield.

2009 – Global Expansion

As ad tech began to grow, so did Rubicon, as offices in London and Sydney were launched.

2010 – The Launch of RTB

Rubicon began supporting Real Time Bidding Auctions, and continued expanding offices in Germany and France.

2013 – The PMP Platform Innovation

Rubicon Project became the biggest global marketplace for buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising, as it launched first-to-market Private Marketplace capabilities.

2014 – Video Marketplace & Continuous Global Expansion

Nine premium video formats launched with key partners, as the company continued expanding to markets such as Tokyo, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Miami.

2015 – Mobile Exchange & Continued Global Expansion

Rubicon Project became one of the largest mobile exchanges in the world.  Additionally, in April 2015, Rubicon Project opened its office in Milan as the hub for commercial operations in Southern Europe.  

2016 – Emerging Channels were Launched

Featuring OTT, Audio, DOOH, Programmatic TV, and VOD.

2017 – Open Source and Buy-Side Innovations

The co-founding of coupled with pioneering server side header bidding transformed the industry into a space of collaboration in which the mysteriousness began to dissipate.  Accordingly, the acquisition of nToggle’s traffic shaping technology reinforced Rubicon’s commitment to helping buyers manage the overwhelming number of impressions introduced through header bidding.

2018 – Transparency and Buy-Side Focus

The elimination of buy-side fees (Nov. 2017), movement to first-price auctions, and the signed “Principles for a better programmatic marketplace” framework to promote clarity and trust, established Rubicon’s commitment to a well-lit marketplace.  Additionally, the development of the Estimated Market Rate (EMR) algorithm ensured buyers avoided overpaying for impressions in a first-price header bidding world.

2019 – Demand Manager

With Prebid established as the header bidding standard, Rubicon Project introduced its Demand Manager product, intended to ease publisher implementation and deployment of prebid based solutions.

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