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Update your yield settings for the yuletide

October 19, 2015
By Tyche Nettingham

Anytime is a good time to update your yield settings, but during the lead up to the holiday season it’s especially important to update your business rules to maximize revenue.

Below are three vital tips that every power user needs to know heading into the season where demand is at its highest for your inventory and audiences:


-Check for advertiser blocks that are no longer relevant and remove those blocks.

-Check for advertiser industries that you want to allow for Q4 only.

Consider allowing Auto, Retail, Technology and Telecom; all industries that generally spend more Q4.

Seller Cloud Applications that can help: Inventory Management (Block Lists), Block Lift Opportunities


-Check Your Inventory Floor Rates

Consider lowering “Run of Site” floor rates to allow more access to the numerous “bulk buys” for Q4. Up floor rates for inventory segments that are in demand (i.e. Homepage, Holiday content, etc.).

-Check Your Demand Floor Rates

Consider decreasing floor rates for buyers who are looking to spend in bulk. Increase floors for advertisers who are targeting finite audiences.

Seller Cloud Applications that can help: RTB Controls, Price Floor Recommendations


-Check that your ad product prices reflect that rates you wish to charge in Q4.

Consider going higher on in demand targeted audience ad products, lower on bulk/ROS packages in return for higher bulk Q4 spend.

-Reference existing ad product rates to determine prices you wish to charge for new Q4 ad products.

Seller Cloud Applications to Update: Non-Guaranteed Orders, Guaranteed Orders

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