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Using Dynamic Creative for Programmatic Audio

October 22, 2018
By Nina Harvey, Head of Audio, Rubicon Project

Audio: What data can buyers use to reach their target audience?

There’s a wealth of data signals which are sent out through the bidstream, as the nature of most of the audio inventory we have on our platform is mobile, so you have device IDs and also GPS location which enables you to target, and then you can, on top of that, build out creatives that can be targeted to particular data signals, for example weather or time of day, which enables you to then have brilliant creative which is targeted to specific audiences.

Audio: How does dynamic creative work?

With dynamic creative you’re able to build a campaign that has got multiple creative assets within it, and then you can then use the data signals that are being sent to you through that user’s audio listening, to be able to then change your creative on the fly to deliver a different experience to that user. Users are highly engaged, and it’s highly personal, so it’s a great opportunity for a buyer to really connect in that one-to-one environment with them.

For example, if the sun is shining, maybe I’m going to need to buy some sunscreen. Or I might be interested in buying some new clothes. If it’s raining, them I’m going to really want that umbrella, and maybe I want a pair of wellington boots as well.

I’m Nina Harvey, I work at Rubicon Project as Head of Audio, working with our existing sellers, new business partnerships, buyer teams and our product to develop our audio solution.

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