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VIDEO: 2020 Vision with MediaMath’s Shaun Lin

October 10, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Shaun Lin, Director of Global Supply Partnerships at MediaMath, explains how MediaMath is working to create an accountable and addressable supply chain.


What is the key focus for your business next year?

Really the key focus for MediaMath next year – this year and beyond – is truly to create an accountable and addressable supply chain, so that our marketers and other businesses that we work with can have an efficient path to the publisher that is going to have better return on investment for their budgets that they spend, and make it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Can you explain what MediaMath means by accountable and addressable supply?

Simply put, accountable supply means working with publishers in a transparent and fraud free environment. Transparency also means providing visibility to the marketers that we work with, the full visibility into their budgets that they spend with us all the way down to the publisher level so that they have a better understanding of where their budgets are being spent. And addressable supply really means being able to deliver quality advertisements to users whether they be in a desktop environment, or a mobile environment, or a CTV environment.

And we’ll achieve this by using a unified ID that prioritizes privacy in a safe environment that marketers will love.

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