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Video Header Bidding

October 5, 2018
By Vanessa Farrar, Revenue Solutions Director for Video

Revenue Solutions Director for Video, Vanessa Farrar, joins us again, giving insight into the 60+ video header bidding integrations Rubicon Project has done to date.

Video Header Bidding

Video: Does header bidding work?

There’s a lot of moving variables when it comes to video. Publishers have different video players, different CMSs, different ad servers. You have to be mindful of all these different attributes that allow for your video header bidding setup to work properly.

Rubicon Project has over 60 video header bidding integrations live to date. In 2018 alone, we’ve done over 40 video header bidding integrations.

What results have publishers seen with video header bidding?

One of our first few video integrations we saw a tag-based publisher move from tag to Rubicon as a video header bidder in their Prebid wrapper. Not only did we see scale skyrocket over a hundred percent, but we saw CPMs flourish from the teens to upwards of thirty-five dollars, and fill rates, more importantly, skyrocketed up to 30-40% for video, and they had other bidders in the wrapper. So moving from that tag-based integration where – again, that stagnant waterfall, those stagnant CPMS where the decisioning has to happen in the ad server– and moving that into the header has been really promising.

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