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VIDEO: How Demand Manager Helps Implement Prebid

November 6, 2019

In this new video, Robert Martinez, Software Engineer at Rubicon Project, explains how Demand Manager makes it simple for publishers to implement and manage Prebid.


How does Demand Manager help with the implementation of Prebid?

Demand Manager provides an interface on top of Prebid, so it acts like an English translator, almost. Your average person can go through and, in an easily readable units or interface, they can step through different processes, that when you input these settings, after you trigger and click build, it will actually translate all of that stuff into the actual JavaScript code that is then loaded and put into your wrapper.

What tools does Demand Manager provide?

Demand Manager not only brings the ease of implementing Prebid on your page, but it provides a lot of other things. Most notably, one of the most pain points is integrating your Google DoubleClick ad server to work with Prebid.

There’s a lot that needs to be done there, so part of the user interface flow from start to finish is actually generating those line items, those DFP or Google Ad Manager creatives, while you’re also setting up your Prebid.

So, based on the settings that you’re telling Demand Manager that you want to run before your Prebid, it is also configuring your ad server to be able to just automatically, once it’s done, run your Prebid and produce revenue for you.

How demand manager helps implement prebid

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