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The Importance of Video with Michael Barrett

March 12, 2019
By Ryan Christopher, Director of Marketing, Americas

Last month, Rubicon Project announced its 2018 Q4 earnings, which revealed a number of milestones that demonstrate a strong future for the company, including:

  • 32% increase in revenue compared to Q4 2017
  • 22% increase in ad spend compared to Q4 2017
  • 43% increase in mobile revenue compared to Q4 2017
  • 21% increase in desktop revenue compared to Q4 2017
  • Video revenue more than doubled compared to Q4 2017

Is Video Really Growing that Much? Yes!  As digital video ad dollars further shift into the programmatic space, Rubicon Project is well-positioned to capitalize on this monumental growth. In fact, eMarketer predicts that 83.6% of all digital video ad dollars ($33.55 Billion) will move via automated channels by 2020.  

We caught up with Rubicon Project CEO Michael Barrett to get his take on how video will continue to factor into our long-term goals:


Will video continue to be a driver of our future growth?

Yeah, video will most definitely be a meaningful driver.  I think that we’ll start to see areas of video where we’re under-indexed right now – things like connected TV, things like over-the-top (OTT) – those types of video I think we’ll see growing faster than the industry.  But no, there’s no question that video remains a huge focus of the company, to the degree that we reported it out this 4th quarter and we’re going to talk about it on an annual basis. Video is extremely important.

Want more?

Look for more insights from Michael Barrett in the coming months as he highlights what Rubicon Project is doing in supply-path optimization and his predictions on what’s in store for the industry at large.

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