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VIDEO: Prebid, Identity, and SPO with PCH’s Steve Bagdasarian

November 18, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Steve Bagdasarian, General Manager at PCH Media, discusses how his company is taking advantage of Prebid and becoming a leader in the identity space.

Video Transcript:

What is PCH’s focus for the remainder of 2019

It’s getting closer to demand. So continuing to roll out Prebid everywhere we can. Integrating some new channels. But one of the very quick focuses that we definitely want to capitalize on is making ourselves really a leader in the identity space.

We have an incredible amount of data. There’s obviously a lot of question marks around where identity, and you know, regulatory conversations around identity go. But we feel that we’re very positioned from the compliance perspective, from a data standpoint, to really make an impact.

What is the importance of Prebid for PCH?

For us, it’s the ability to optimize, you know, the demand as effectively and as quickly as possible. You know we believe that it’s the right protocol to structure your supply-side optimization efforts around, and you know it’s been very effective for us to yield as much as we needed to.

How does PCH think about Supply Path Optimization?

We have to be closer to, you know, the demand conversations than we might have been in the past.

There’s a little bit of a position, as a publisher with the amount of impressions that we produce, to sit back and just kind of let the wheels of demand turn.

The reality is that people have been spending a lot of time building out their positioning algorithms. We’re about to move into a more first-price oriented ecosystem. If we’re not outwardly having those conversations, and bringing ourselves forward to the demand side, I don’t really understand what their strategies are going to look like, and how I ultimately can potentially help or influence or adjust on my end, to take advantage of how they’re bettering their buying process.

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