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VIDEO: Supply Path Optimization with Amnet

November 14, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Jason Randall, Chief Technology Officer at Amnet, discusses his approach to Supply Path Optimization, how Amnet is moving the industry forward, and how PG and PMPs impact his business.

How does Amnet think about Supply Path Optimization?

So we take a lot from, you know, the transparency side. I think there are a lot of conversations about certain KPIs that maybe we’re adhered to, more traditional.

We’re looking to turn that on its head in terms of looking at how do we work in conjunction with existing KPIs, maybe even working with teams that are working on those KPIs, and switching them, switching them over, talking about more of the viewability type of metrics. Even one bit rates, things that are blocked from a fraud standpoint. I think that’s really, really important for us. And that’s how we talk to a lot of our teams about that.

How do PG and PMPs impact Amnet?

That gives us like transparency, and allows the publishers to choose too. So besides the buyer and the seller choosing, okay, we want this advertiser on our site – and Programmatic Guaranteed allows for that – which is really useful versus kind of, even like a like PMP model or open exchange. You don’t have that much control.

Our own internal teams, the advertisers going, well, I’ve always done direct buys. You know, like, or you know our media teams are doing that. And getting them to learn, like, what is the value that they get from that.

A lot of it is control, and being able to know we can get the same rates through programmatic pipes, we can buy more.

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