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VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with Dotdash

November 5, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Sara Badler, SVP Programmatic & Revenue Strategy at Dotdash, discusses some industry trends she’s seen this year, and why programmatic guaranteed is important to her business as a part of our Partner Perspectives series.


What are some industry trends you’ve seen this year?

The conversations that we’re having a lot are about data, which everyone talks about. But for us it’s interesting because we are so intent driven. The majority of our traffic comes from search, totally organic, so it’s really about how do we monetize, optimize and continuously be as fast and as efficient as possible?

Looking back, what themes will 2019 be known for?

It’s not going be the year of mobile, or the year of video. It’s like, how do we do mobile and video and native, and figure out formats that work across all of them? A lot of people are looking at, like, how do we scale the business, and how do we make sure that not everything is customized?

It’s important to customize, of course, but it’s also really important to scale. So I think “the year of” is trying to figure out, like, how can we do all these things together?

How does Programmatic Guaranteed impact your business?

Financially, it’s very efficient. It helps us work direct with partners and direct with our clients, and kind of like holistically figure out an approach. And doing it all in one place, or in one platform, is definitely, I think you know, it has its advantages. As we get further and further along with the concept of being comfortable with programmatic, I see it growing for sure.

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