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VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with LinkedIn

November 11, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Peter Turner, Senior Manager of Partnerships at LinkedIn, talks about current trends in programmatic advertising, his company’s focus for 2019, and how they think about Supply Path Optimization.

Video Transcript:

What has been the biggest trend for LinkedIn in 2019?

It’s been a big year for us with video, actually. And maybe it’s a little bit of an older trend, but we launched video on LinkedIn last year, and it’s taken off.

Our customers are loving it, and the sort of experience on LinkedIn, the engagement rates we’re getting with video have been really positive. And it carries over to our audience network. So we’re actually looking to extend the video advertising campaigns that run on LinkedIn off to other partner sites and apps.

What is LinkedIn focused on for the remainder of 2019?

My big focus is scaling our audience network, finding more great sites and apps for our customer campaigns just to reach on to. A big goal for us is to give our customers and our marketers more reach off LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn think about Supply Path Optimization?

You know, what we’re trying to do is find the shortest path to the publisher that we want to work with, and really sort of optimize the media spend, just to reduce fees and certain hops.

So it’s a hard problem, but it’s one that we take, and spend a fair bit of time on. And I think, you know, Rubicon helps us figure that out.

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