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VIDEO: The Evolution of Demand Manager

October 28, 2019
By Rubicon Project

CRO Joe Prusz explains how Rubicon Project’s Demand Manger can help programmatic publishers increase their yield, and what exciting developments they have to look forward to.

Video Transcript

How has Demand Manager Evolved?

We understand that open source has become the default standard for how header bidding should operate. But now we’ve put a layer of control and analytics on top of that, making it so much easier for publishers to manage their business, change rules, manage timeouts. And, as a result, it’s allowed publishers to go back to doing what they do best, which is yield optimize their businesses.

It’s taking this phenomenal Prebid open source community and putting tools on top of that to make it easier to use with more support.

Phase two, phase three, it’s all about adding more insights, more analytics. And really, Demand Manager is becoming a platform, so that things can build on top of it.

You can plug in – let’s say, different reporting suites, developed by us, developed by folks that are in the community. So it’s all about ensuring that pubs have more and more control over how they operate their businesses.

And there’ll be all sorts of opportunities for advertisers, as they connect to this inventory in a more direct fashion. Those are all just exciting evolutions of the product.

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