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What are the perks of utilizing PMPs?

May 20, 2020
By Rubicon Project

Paul Bannister, EVP, CafeMedia, discusses the perks of utilizing PMPs, and why it’s important for today’s publishers to offer unique value to buyers.


What are the perks of utilizing PMPs?

I think data is a big piece of it. I think buyers are so used to using third-party data for what they’re doing, as well as their own first party data, and I think publishers have really unique and great data of their own, whether that’s contextual or behavioral or registration data. And because, again, they have that direct relationship with a consumer, I think they have more right to use it. And in the a privacy-focused future, I think that’s a good thing.

But I also think that, because of that relationship, and because of their understanding of their audience, and of their content, they can offer targeting and data access that is really unique and special. That a brand can’t do themselves, and a third party data company can’t do either.

So I do think, I really do think data is a big perk. And that targeting angle, and letting the buyers focus more on the on the creative, and on, you know, what the audience is that they want to reach – and worry less, a little bit, about the targeting. Because the publisher can do a really great job knowing their audience and their content so well.

What does the future of PMPs look like?

You know, years ago PMPs were pretty basic. Almost like repackaged open auction inventory with different pricing, and some basic things. And I think that buyers want more, and that transition has been happening. So I know, for us and a lot of other publishers, we talk to – it’s getting more and more important to really add a lot of value in the PMPs, whether that’s targeting or special inventory, unique units, things that the buyer either can’t access through the open market, or can’t access anywhere nearly as efficiently.

So I think it really is making sure that we’re really innovating there, significantly, and really offering advertisers truly unique value, far above and beyond open market.

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