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What to Look For in a Partner You Can Trust for SPO

July 24, 2019
By Jon Cooke, VP, Global Agency Sales

In the complicated and fast-moving header bidding space, media suppliers need programmatic partners that not only improve today’s bottom line, but nurture their long-term success. At Rubicon Project, our tenets of trust, transparency, and consultative white-glove service help our clients to succeed and scale in the long haul. 

Trust is everything.

A trustworthy partner empowers clients to have greater control over their business decisions and keeps them fully informed. At Rubicon Project, we take every opportunity to empower our partners to improve, manage, and fully understand their business. For example, with our recently announced “pre-bid as a service” solution, Demand Manager, we’re giving publishers software-level control over their own infrastructure and access to data that informs their bottom line via an easy-to-use UI. 

We also facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between our premium publishers and buyers, so buyers are aware of what emerging inventory is available to serve them. For us, trust also means quality assurance. As an independent, premium marketplace, we do our due diligence to ensure brand safety, protect against non-human traffic, unauthorized inventory, and generally bad experiences. You can see our basic inventory quality guidelines on our website.

Full transparency wins.

Great partners are honest and upfront. At Rubicon Project, we set clear expectations: our business practices support open source solutions, fee transparency, and protections against ad fraud. We have no hidden fees and are crystal clear regarding auction dynamics. 

We also offer total visibility into our tech, allowing our partners to see how their wrappers perform and the variables that inform auction dynamics. In founding, we delivered on the promise of adopting a 100 percent free and open source header bidding wrapper that is inherently neutral, adaptable, and transparent to all industry players. 

Exceptional service is a prerequisite.

A great partner doesn’t just provide their clients with best-in-class tools, but shows them how to use them. Here, Rubicon Project distinguishes itself with “constant contact” communication and bringing a personal touch to every business relationship. We provide “always-on” and consultative customer service to help with onboarding, troubleshooting, and to ensure all the piping behind each programmatic buy is working smoothly. Perhaps this is why, in the latest MediaVillage Ad Tech Marketplace Assessment report (Q4 2018), Rubicon Project rated in the top five for meeting the specific needs of their clients. 

Meanwhile, Rubicon Project supports publishers using Demand Manager by hosting and updating the Prebid code and providing ongoing technical and yield management expertise to ensure sellers don’t miss out on market opportunity. 

Ultimately, a great business partner ensures clients that they’re never alone. At Rubicon Project, we have the technology to keep partners ahead of the curve, the experience to guide them, and the independence to tell them the truth. Building on trust, transparency, and white-glove service, our partnerships are never a superficial relationship – we trust our partners to bring value to our premium marketplace, and in return, they trust us to help them best monetize their businesses.

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