What’s Driving Programmatic Ad Buying in Asia?

What’s Driving Programmatic Ad Buying in Asia?

June 22, 2020
By Yogesh Sehgal

According to our recent report on Programmatic Ad Buying in Asia, across the region, the Open Marketplace (OMP) is thriving and forming the foundation of buying strategies. Interestingly, during the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 pandemic, programmatic activity on the OMP is driven by an increased focus on data, measurement, and optimization.

The OMP Forms the Bedrock for Ad Buying

As OMP deals are a ‘plug and play’ option, they’ve formed the foundation of many buyer campaigns in Asia. OMP is often favored for cost efficiencies and scale, and generally requires less manual intervention to execute than programmatic guaranteed (PG) or private marketplace (PMP) deals. 

This is reflected in our report, where more than 74% of survey respondents said they have  ‘always’ or ‘often’ looked to OMP to execute their programmatic campaigns. Findings show that currently, buyers are especially leaning on programmatic ad buying for the data and measurement they provide, as well as the flexibility afforded by the OMP.

Looking forward, however, it is likely that the reliance on the OMP will reduce as PMP and PG deals gain traction. Fifty-four percent of respondents reported that they ‘always’ or ‘often’ use PMP deals. Meanwhile, 57% said they ‘always’ or ‘often’ turn to PG or direct marketplace deals for their programmatic buying. 

The Value of Data-Driven Buying 

When buyers in Asia evaluate programmatic campaigns, they assess several factors. According to our report, the three factors most important to buyers when transacting programmatically are:

  • Data-driven buying
  • Ability to measure across device/insights into cross-device behavior for advanced targeting
  • Real-time campaign optimization

Interestingly, pricing and budgets ranked as a less important factor for buyers when planning programmatic campaigns. This indicates that buyers value the data-driven buying capacities of programmatic over the potential cost-savings that programmatic buying offers media buyers versus direct IO.

3 KPIs of Programmatic Campaign Success in Asia 

In the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, programmatic buyers are relying more heavily on campaign measurement and performance. According to our survey, after launching a programmatic campaign, these are the three KPIs Buyers in Asia assess to evaluate overall success:

  • Ease of optimization and increased media efficiency 
  • Accurate and relevant targeting
  • Audience reach

Across the board, we heard buyers look to these factors to determine their return on investment and campaign success as well as guide their decision-making for future campaigns.

To learn more about buyer behaviors in Asia as well as the future of programmatic in that region, check out our full report here