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Why is this an exciting time for Rubicon Project

February 27, 2019
By James Brown, Head of EMEA

In part 1 of this series, our Head of EMEA, James Brown, shares why Rubicon Project is well-positioned for the shift in programmatic between publishers and buyers.

Why is this an exciting time for Rubicon Project?

I think it’s an exciting time at Rubicon Project because we believe the market is moving in our direction. On the sell side, it’s pretty complex and we are seeing the sellers working with a lot of different demand partners and struggling to manage their yield and inventory management, drive their yield optimization and also report to us those different tech partners. They’re moving away from proprietary solutions and they’re moving towards open source technology. So for us at Rubicon Project, as founding partners of, we have our own tool set in place based on open source technology that can really help partners maximize the value of their inventory and indeed manage those different exchange partners effectively. So we do think the market is moving in our direction.

Likewise, on the buy side, we also feel like that there are some good positivity for us. We talked a lot over the last 18 months about consolidation and we are really starting to see that take place as buyers increasingly make decisions about which exchange partners they want to do business with. They are using values that we always held dear at Rubicon Project to make those decisions such as clean, well-lit marketplace, high levels of inventory quality and, increasingly also, transparency. Whether that’s around supply chain or indeed around commercial fees. Again, this is good news for us at Rubicon Project and we believe we are well positioned to capitalize on those shifts.

I’m James Brown, Head of EMEA at Rubicon Project.

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