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Why PG works for Adform

December 9, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Oliver Whitten, Chief Operating Officer at Adform, explains how his company is evolving into an integrated advertising platform, and explains why programmatic guaranteed (PG) is a natural fit.


What is Adform focused on for the remainder of 2019?

So we have been investing a lot on the product side. We come from a place of having a third party ad serving business, and a DSP business, and a data management platform business. And, actually, as you start to bring all of those things together, you start to become a different category – and that’s the integrated advertising platform. Because it’s really allowing seamless work flows across each of those different components.

So, you’re going to see quite a lot from us in the second half of the year around those things. But also, kind of underpinning that, Odin –which is our, kind of, back-end AI – which is really going to start to power, and has been powering a lot of that. Which makes it easier to automate workflows across different parts of the stack, make better decisions, inform strategies, and create greater automation.

And so that’s what you’re going to see more from us on the product side. And then, you know, we’ve been pretty vocal about making a big play into the states. And so we’re hiring quite a few folks at the moment across the US. The US is a pretty key priority for us in H2 as well.

How Does Programmatic Guaranteed impact Adform’s business?

Programmatic guaranteed, we already see a fairly sizable volume of transactions. And, in many ways, it’s a natural fit – because you’re bringing the traditional way of trading media, and those relationships that exist between brand and media outlet, together with the intelligence that you can yield around programmatic. So it’s a quite a natural fit, I would say. We already see a decent amount of business there, and we’ll see that continue for sure.

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