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Why Programmatic Audio?

October 15, 2018
By Nina Harvey, Head of Audio, Rubicon Project

Audio: Why should ad buyers make audio part of the mix?

I think Audio’s a really exciting place, as we’ve seen such a huge trend in users listening now to more audio content. And it’s a brilliant way for brands to connect with users because it’s this one-to-one, highly personal, very immersive experience.

Audio: Why Programmatic?

Rubicon’s got a great marketplace of audio sellers to provide brands with the opportunity to buy really targeted, quality audiences, but to access them at scale. We have a huge number of private marketplaces which are available for buyers to access, which have wonderful first party data made available by our sellers that can offer targeted granular audiences, at scale. So there’s full transparency around the inventory that they’re able to buy, and also there’s full transparency over the pricing of that inventory.

Audio: What are the benefits?

They can ensure that they’ve got great campaign efficiency for their audio budgets. In addition to that, it’s a brand safe environment because we have highly curated marketplaces. So it’s a much safer environment for buyers to access audiences at scale, and it’s a very premium audience that you’re able to deliver campaigns to.

I’m Nina Harvey, I work at Rubicon Project as Head of Audio, working with our existing sellers, new business partnerships, buyer teams and our product to develop our audio solution.

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