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Why Programmatic Video?

September 21, 2018
By Vanessa Farrar, Revenue Solutions Director for Video

Our Director of Revenue Solutions for Video, Vanessa Farrar, tells us why publishers need to prioritize their programmatic video strategy.

Video: Why programmatic?

More and more, advertisers, agencies, buyers are transacting through programmatic pipes, and advertisers are getting more and more sophisticated where they’re saying “we want to transact programmatically.”

What steps do publishers need to take?
Publishers need to create and build an ad stack that makes sense for their direct and programmatic demand to compete properly. And by doing that, that will allow them to yield the most revenue and, more importantly, allow their advertisers to trust their inventory and want to buy. You have to be innovative in the way you approach your programmatic strategy and the diversity of your advertising needs. Publishers are understanding the value of their video inventory, and understanding that direct and programmatic can compete, and, more importantly, how do they best optimize and integrate those demand sources in a way that allows them to truly – not only compete on an even playing field – but to drive incremental revenue. And the solutions is video header bidding. It is header bidding. It is having that stack that is built to support that competition.

My name is Vanessa Farrar, I’m the Revenue Solutions Director for Video at Rubicon Project. I sit between Product and Sales and help publishers connect through video.

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