(Posted March 2, 2015)

Native Advertising and Automated Guarantee Emerge As Top Priorities for Leading Agency Trading Desks.

The third annual Rubicon Project Mobile Buyer Surveyand infographic was launched at Mobile World Congress 2015, representing the views of some of the leading agency trading desks around the world.

The survey of key global media trading executives was conducted in January and February 2015 and highlights the rapidly changing priorities for the mobile marketing industry.

The results show that spend on native mobile advertising is set to more than double in 2015, as buyers shift a greater share of mobile marketing budgets to this immersive form of advertising. Agency trading desks predict that this form of content marketing will take a 13% share of overall mobile spend in 2015– more than doubling from just 5% in 2014.

The survey found that automated guaranteed advertising is also set to come into its own in 2015, as agency traders increasingly demand premium inventory and positions that are aligned with their clients’ advertising goals. 81% of respondents noted embracing automated guarantee trading was a priority for the year ahead.

The US market appears to be leading the charge globally when it comes to spend on mobile native, with agency traders in this market predicting native will expand rapidly assuming 16% of overall mobile spend– increasing fivefold from just 3% in 2014.

Standard formats are still the most demanded type of mobile ad from buyers (accounting for 46% of spend), yet formats such as rich media (27%), video (17%) and native (10%) formats are growing in popularity.

Joe Prusz, Head of Mobile, Rubicon Project, comments: “The Rubicon Project Mobile Buyer Survey demonstrates that Buyers are positioning themselves to not only move more budget into Mobile, but to also quickly gain expertise in mobile automation, with a focus on more innovative formats. After many years of industry experts anticipating mobile’s coming-of-age moment, our research findings show a clear shift towards higher mobile advertising spend, as buyers realize the potential of mobile in the digital marketing mix.”

Jay Stevens, General Manager International, Rubicon Project, adds: “The big trends revealed in this year’s Mobile Buyer Survey show how rapidly mobile advertising is evolving. Mobile native advertising wasn’t even available to buyers before 2014, and it is now set to take a 13% share of mobile advertising spend in 2015.

He adds: “With automated guaranteed inventory rising up the agenda this year, we’re seeing a more targeted approach to the programmatic buying process that indicates how publishers and buyers are coming together to get the most out of mobile advertising.”