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Press Release

Placemedia and Rubicon Project Join Forces, Broadening Access to Programmatic-TV Ad Demand

Posted: Nov 17th, 2016

Partnership to Accelerate Access to Billions of New Television Ad Impressions
Via Rubicon Project’s Leading Orders Platform

SALT LAKE CITY, UT and LOS ANGELES, CA – November 17, 2016 – ​Placemedia,
the fully automated supply-side platform for television, and Rubicon Project (NYSE:
RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, today
announced a new strategic partnership broadening access to programmatic television
advertising demand.

Under the agreement, hundreds of thousands of advertiser brands on Rubicon Project’s
platform will be given direct, efficient access to Placemedia’s premium supply of
impressions from national cable networks, local MVPDs and other partners,
representing more than 100 million US households in 210 Designated Market Areas.
This enhanced access to premium inventory will help accelerate growth in an industry
many experts believe is poised to boom. This year, the programmatic TV market is
expected to climb 127.8% to $710 million, according to eMarketer, and will continue to
climb to 6.0% of all TV ad spend – or $4.43 billion – by 2018.

Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders platform is a leading end-to-end automated
solution with direct order automation, effectively streamlining the process of direct
deals from a matter of days or weeks down to hours. The Guaranteed Orders platform
offers a robust, automated transactional marketplace designed to bring buyers and
sellers closer together to effectively and efficiently execute their advertising strategies.

“The value of our integration with Rubicon Project is tremendous,” said Derek
Mattsson, President of Placemedia. “Rubicon Project has proven its ability to help
advertisers reach their desired audiences on any screen with transparency and control.
The addition of billions of monthly television ad impressions — aggregated by
Placemedia —complements their current offerings by adding significant national scale.
Rubicon Project buyers now have greatly enhanced and efficient access to audiences
across the broad landscape of linear television.”

“Placemedia is a clear leader in national linear television, offering one of the most
advanced supply-side programmatic ad solutions for national linear television today,”
said Jay Sampson, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Rubicon Project. “As part of our
mission to bring the power of automation to all forms of advertising across all screens,
we are extremely pleased to be partnering with Placemedia and expanding our
premium buyers’ opportunities to target and reach consumers on a national scale.”