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Rubicon Project Announces Global Launch of Exchange API Technology Following Strong Initial Customer Results

Posted: Mar 4th, 2016

Initial Adopters Experience 200% Increase in CPMs as Technology Delivers Unified Auctions for All Demand Sources

LOS ANGELES–March 4, 2016–Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the world’s largest advertising marketplaces, today announced significant initial partner adoption of its Exchange Application Programming Interface (“xAPI”), which allows partners, media companies, proprietary ad serving technologies, and mobile app developers to create a unified auction between all of their demand sources.

xAPI enables companies to leverage Rubicon Project’s mature, established technology for achieving the unification of direct and open auction advertising demand and allows users to achieve a higher yield for nearly every impression. xAPI is part of Rubicon Project’s Open Platform initiative that combines a corresponding suite of APIs, empowering both buyers and sellers to leverage Rubicon Project’s technology in order to expedite their time to market and speed the flow of transactions. This exchange software solution provides critical access to sellers, allowing them to execute premium deals with digital advertising buyers.

Now in general availability, xAPI has completed its Beta in which dozens of global ad platforms, including xAd, AerServ, e-Planning, Mads, and Leonardo ADV, tested and adopted the technology. These platforms integrated xAPI to provide publishers and mobile app developers with holistic revenue optimization and access to thousands of buyers worldwide. Initial results have been exceptionally positive with CPM rate increases of as much as 200% and revenue increases of as much as 50%.

“The conventional solution of cascading ad tags has become increasingly obsolete—creating waste and stalling revenue,” said Neal Richter, Chief Technology Officer, Rubicon Project. “The full market launch of xAPI marks a significant step forward in creating a truly open platform, by allowing ad servers to directly integrate with Rubicon Project’s exchange, and driving maximum competition and yield optimization. With xAPI, buyers and sellers alike are able to leverage new technology solutions to create larger opportunities for the marketplace, allowing others to build on top of Rubicon Project’s stack.”

Julieta Vedoya, Chief Product Officer of e-Planning, commented, “After we adopted Rubicon Project’s xAPI technology we experienced significant CPM rate lifts of more than three times our prior numbers and the programmatic sales revenues of our publishers increased more than 30%, becoming the publishers’ second source of monetization.”