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Rubicon Project Again Recognized As Top Scorer In Independent Quality Rankings

Posted: Set 22nd, 2015

Rubicon Project Only Company to Rank in Top Two for Both Mobile Application and Global Desktop Inventory Quality

LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2015 – Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), a global technology leader powering the only independent advertising solution to automate the entire digital advertising ecosystem, today announced that Pixalate’s latest Global Seller Trust Index has yet again recognized Rubicon Project as one of the highest quality global platforms for both mobile and desktop application advertising inventory.

Pixalate unveiled its latest index this month with the announcement of its Mobile Seller Trust Index, which evaluated 125 technology platforms with in-app mobile inventory based on analysis of more than five billion impressions to determine the rankings. Rubicon Project’s mobile application inventory received the index’s highest rating of an “A” in the critical areas of transparency and global reach. The company’s mobile application quality score ranked number 2 overall out of 125 companies, beating out many specialized businesses whose sole focus is mobile.

“This recognition again highlights the strength and long-term consistency of Rubicon Project’s leadership position and commitment to providing the highest quality advertising marketplace for buyers to reach and engage users on any platform, on any device, with any ad format including mobile and video, anywhere in the world,” said Gregory R. Raifman, President, Rubicon Project.

“We are very excited to announce the Mobile Seller Trust Index to help the industry identify the most trustworthy Mobile Ad Platforms to work with,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate. “We congratulate Rubicon Project on achieving top tier rankings in both the Global and Mobile Seller Trust Indices.”

“Where others have talked about their commitment to quality, Rubicon Project has consistently delivered, taking a stand to invest in creating the very best advertising marketplace of the future,” said Brad Holcenberg, Head of Platform Quality, Rubicon Project. “Our buyers and sellers globally can rest assured that we continue to offer one of the safest and well-lit environments to buy and sell advertising today.”

The Global Seller Trust Index is based on Pixalate’s proprietary technology that analyzes more than 100 billion monthly impressions and delivers ratings based upon inventory quality and ad performance, along with classic reach ranking. Global quality ratings are based upon a weighted analysis of overall effectiveness assessing malware, fraud, viewability, engagement, domain masking, and network and inventory scores in compliance with recognized industry standards.