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Rubicon Project launches joint venture with Netric Sales

Posted: Giu 15th, 2012

Netric sales powered by Rubicon Project to drive real-time trading in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland

STOCKHOLM AND LONDON – 24 May, 2012, Rubicon Project, the leading digital advertising technology company for premium publishers, is expanding its international operations with a strategic partnership with Netric Sales in the Nordic region. Netric Sales is the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) in the Nordics and will migrate forty publishers across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland onto REVV, Rubicon Project’s real-time trading platform.

The joint venture will enable premium web publishers in the Nordic regions to maximise their online yield by connecting with over 70,000 advertisers around the world — via all the major trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSP) and hundreds of online advertising networks – and sell online advertising inventory in real time.  The REVV Real Time Trading platform delivers more than 1 trillion bid requests and processes 150 billion ad trades across the globe each month. Combined, Netric and Rubicon will make over 4 billion impressions available in real time each month across the region.

“Rubicon Project is excited to be expanding our relationship with Netric Sales,” explains Jay Stevens, General Manager, International at the Rubicon Project.  “Netric has been a partner for more than a year now, giving us first-hand experience with the team that is leading the Nordic market toward programmatic trading. The joint venture between Rubicon Project and Netric will provide publishers in the region with industry leading technology and strong local support”

Dilem Guler, CEO, Netric Sales, adds, “Real-time trading is growing across the Nordic markets and there is a huge opportunity here for our partnership to deliver new and increased revenue for premium publishers in the region. With Rubicon’s industry leading technology and our local expertise, this partnership provides the opportunity for existing and new clients alike to increase revenue.”