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Rubicon Project Passes Google in U.S. Audience Reach, Ranks #1 on ComScore’s Ad Focus Ranking Report

Posted: Ago 10th, 2012

Rubicon Project now reaches 96% of U.S. Internet audience according to July 2012 Report

LOS ANGELES, August 10, 2012 — Rubicon Project, the leading independent digital advertising technology platform for the comScore 500, has been ranked first in reach (measured by unique visitors) in the comScore Media Metrix monthly ranking of Ad Focus properties for July 2012.

Surpassing Google, Rubicon Project’s real time trading platform, REVV®, is now the largest reach platform in the digital advertising industry. REVV reached more than 212 million visitors, or 96.2% of the entire U.S. Internet audience as measured by comScore – exceeding Google Ad Network’s reach by more than 6 million visitors. The recent ranking is due to the increase in Rubicon Project’s current customer base, which includes 1/3 of the comScore 100 publishers.

“We’re proud to say we continue to offer comScore 500 publishers a transparent technology platform that provides the largest audience reach on the Internet and helps increase their overall revenue,” said Nick Hulse, Chief Revenue Officer at the Rubicon Project. “Buyers who want to programmatically reach the most eyeballs on the Internet know that Rubicon provides the largest marketplace for quality inventory.”

Rubicon Project’s industry-leading audience reach consists exclusively of the combined reach of its publisher customers’ digital media properties.  Operating purely as a digital ad monetization technology for publishers, with no owned and operated digital properties, REVV is the only advertising technology platform among the top companies in audience reach that is independent, with its inventory sourced directly from publishers – not through intermediaries or buying relationships.

This story appeared first in Business Insider.