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LiveIntent Partners with Rubicon Project to Make Proprietary Email Inventory Available via Private Marketplace

LiveIntent Enables Advertisers to Reach Its 145 Million Unique People Through Rubicon Project’s Leading Global Advertising Marketplace

LOS ANGELES — December 13, 2016 – LiveIntent, the industry-leading platform for people-based marketing and advertising delivered in content sent by over 1400 premium publisher’s email newsletters, and Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, today announced a strategic alliance under which LiveIntent’s highly coveted email inventory will be made available in an automated fashion in a newly established private marketplace via Rubicon Project’s leading Orders technology. This alliance marks the first time that brands on Rubicon Project’s platform are able to reach and engage consumers via email newsletters.

By integrating LiveIntent’s people-based marketing and advertising capabilities within Rubicon Project’s private marketplace, Rubicon Project customers can seamlessly reach 145 million unique people in the email sent by over 1400 brands and publishers. This partnership will provide brands with the features and functionality they need in order to seamlessly target, measure and perform attribution analyses across devices.

“The email channel, like social media, allows precise measurement and attribution across mobile and desktop. This is what brands are looking for in a mobile-first world and explains the success of people based marketing and advertising,” said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser. “Advertising and marketing within emails sent by the 1400+ publishers leveraging our platform provides measurement and attribution because of the very nature of the email address: the message is linked to a real person, not a device. What happens in-store can be tied to the activity of the email address. Combine this with the fact that email is the #1 used app on mobile devices and email remains the preferred way for brands to communicate with customers in nearly every demographic, and it creates a perfect match for the vast number of premium Rubicon Project marketers and advertisers looking for the most effective channels to reach the audiences they desire. As email has evolved from a way to send and receive email to the way we identify ourselves online, so does its role in marketing.”

“As Rubicon Project continues to automate all forms of advertising around the world, we are extremely excited to partner with a leader like LiveIntent to bring the power and reach of our global advertising marketplace to the email channel,” said Jay Sampson, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Rubicon Project. “Email is an important channel that allows marketers to reach the same consumer with consistent messaging, irrespective of device. We look forward to providing the tens of thousands of quality buyers on our platform the ability to reach over 145 million unique users through LiveIntent each month.”