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Rubicon Project Announces Three New Products At the Real Time Trading Summit

Posted: 2月 15th, 2012


NEW YORK – February 15, 2012 – Rubicon Project, the online advertising technology company, announces three new products at the Real Time Trading Summit (#RTTS12).  REVV Connect, REVV Creative Control and REVV OS were demonstrated live today to a global audience of leaders from the digital advertising ecosystem gathered in New York City.

All three products are designed to increase revenue for the publishers on the REVV Real Time Trading Platform

  • REVV Connect – Marketplace technology enables publishers to package inventory, negotiate and execute advertising campaigns, access performance reporting, and manage billing.  Revv Connect allows publishers to attract real time buyers to run brand campaigns on premium inventory, and enables publishers to create custom Marketplaces to attract high CPMs and simultaneously provide better performance for Buyers.
  • REVV Creative Control – Technology that makes it safe for even the most brand sensitive publishers to transact in a real-time trading environment. Revv Creative Control  enables publishers to go a step beyond traditional advertiser level blocking  and allows them to pre-approve and classify each advertising creative in real time.   Revv Creative Control will open up more premium inventory – much of it never previously available in the automated trading marketplace – to real trading buyers.
  • REVV OS – Puts publishers back in control of revenue operations with a  real-time dashboard view of all revenue.  Revv OS integrates with the vendors and systems the publisher selects to present insights into total revenue, spend by each advertiser, and trend data. Publishers will be able to make better informed decisions, react faster to issues and opportunities and reduce the costs of managing many complex systems and vendors.

“Real Time Bidding (RTB) has had a dramatic impact on digital advertising and we have seen tremendous growth over the last  year,” said Frank Addante, CEO and Founder of the Rubicon Project.  “Rubicon Project’s  Real Time Trading platform incorporates not only RTB transactions  , but also activates and enables every possible ad buyer to compete as a bidder in the real time trading auction, harnessing data and insight to make advertising more efficient and effectiveThese three disruptive innovations will help premium publishers to make more money from their online inventory, creatie more demand from buyers in a controlled and protected environment while benefiting from  added insight and reporting.”

REVV Creative Control and REVV OS are available now and REVV Connect will be offered to the premium publishers on the REVV platform over the coming months.  Recordings of the Real Time Trading Summit, including product demonstrations, are available here  and all videos will be made available on Rubicon Project’s website in the coming weeks.