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Publisher Co-Operatives Expand Beyond Europe, Signaling Global Trend

Posted: Sep 16th, 2015

Launch of Argentina and Hungary Advertising Co-Ops Expands Rubicon Project Leadership Role as The Exclusive Publisher Co-operative Marketplace Serving More Than 290 Premium Publishers Globally

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, SEPTEMBER 16, 2015: Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), a global technology company powering the only independent advertising solution to automate the entire digital advertising ecosystem, has announced the launch of the first publisher co-operative to be established outside of Europe on its platform, signaling a global trend of publishers coming together to combine programmatic inventory and data in an effort to achieve greater scale, efficiencies and competitive advantage.

RPA (Real Premium Audiences) Media Place is being launched in Argentina, offering access to the premium inventory of the biggest media owners including Infobae, La Nación, Perfil, Telefé and Grupo Clarin, the largest media conglomerate in the country. RPA Media Place will provide buyers with an exclusive, deduplicated audience that reaches 93.6% of the browsers of the digital market, according to comScore.

Also launching is the Hungarian publisher co-operative HOPPex, made up of three of Hungary’s biggest premium media companies – CEMP, Central Médiacsoport and Origo. The three media owners’ combined clout ensures a strong presence in the region, amassing 1.1 billion monthly impressions and an estimated 90% reach. The launch of HOPPex aims to increase adoption and education of automation in the Hungarian advertising industry, while ensuring Hungarian publishers are better able to compete with larger digital competitors.

“The underlying concept of the co-operative model is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that by banding together within the Rubicon Project technology platform – the largest independent advertising marketplace in the world – media owners are able to continue to grow programmatic revenues and compete more effectively with digital giants both in terms of national reach and data,” said Jay Stevens, GM of International for Rubicon Project. “The establishment of a co-operative in Argentina is a clear signal that markets outside Europe understand that in order to effectively compete in certain markets against the hyper-efficient models of search and social, they must unite together. By leveraging the various benefits of the co-operative model, these alliances are able to create a programmatic ‘must buy’, rich with data and in a safe, well-lit environment, adjacent to premium editorial content.”

The formation of RPA Media Place and HOPPex follows Rubicon Project’s exclusive technology partnership enabling the establishment of 5 publisher co-operatives across Europe in France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece. It also comes following the launch of the global publisher co-operative The Pangaea Alliance, whose members include The Guardian, CNN, Reuters, Financial Times and The Economist to reach over 110 million users worldwide. The growth of co-ops, first in Europe, and now worldwide starting with Argentina, demonstrates that this is becoming an increasingly global trend. Publishers around the world are seeing the rise in automated trading in their markets and are looking to capitalize on the greater trading efficiencies and ensure a competitive advantage against larger scale digital competitors.

The alliance model allows for significant improvements in reach and scale, in data collection and aggregation and in the automation required to open their inventory to tens of thousands of advertisers. For example, La Place Media in France has nearly doubled in size since its inception, with more than 250 publishers now on board. It reaches 30 million unique users monthly and has enjoyed a 70% increase in eCPMs in its 2nd year. Czech co-operative CPEx has seen similar success by bringing publishers together: accruing 1.7 billion monthly impressions and experiencing a 500% increase on private marketplace revenue year-on-year.

To reflect this growing trend, to help educate the market on this increasingly important area and to highlight some of the top successes so far, Rubicon Project has produced an infographic and accompanying report called ‘Reaching Critical Mass with Publisher Co-operatives’ which are both available to download at content.rubiconproject.com/co-ops2015.