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Rubicon Project’s Innovation Lab “The Garage” Unveils DSP Builder And High Frequency Cloud (HFC2) In Private Beta

Posted: Apr 15th, 2015

New Products to Accelerate the Automation of Advertising through the Rapid Creation of Bidding Applications and Opening Up Access to Rubicon Project’s Second-Generation Cloud-Computing Infrastructure for the First Time

LOS ANGELES – APRIL 15, 2015 – Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI), a global technology company leading the automation of advertising, today announced the private beta launch of the first two products, DSP Builder and HFC2, coming out of its innovation lab, The Garage. The beta launch comes as The Garage identified its focus on building disruptive technologies to further accelerate the growth of advertising automation. In addition to the technologies announced today, the dedicated team of engineers and innovative designers at The Garage are working on further concepts to re-imagine and re-invent advertising into becoming a valued service to consumers.

“With a $250 billion and growing market opportunity to automate advertising, and our proven track record of launching disruptive innovations—including ad network optimization, followed by RTB and then direct orders automation—I’m excited to unveil the first two technologies from The Garage,” said Frank Addante (@FrankAddante), CEO, Founder and Chief Product Architect at Rubicon Project. “With the launch of DSP Builder and our Second-Generation High Frequency Cloud, we hope to enable entrepreneurs, developers and existing companies to create new innovations like DSPs for TV ads, radio advertising exchanges, security applications for consumer privacy, and much more. As the market grows, so do our customers. As our customers grow, we grow.”

DSP Builder is a complete, easy-to-use development platform for rapidly creating real time bidding applications. With DSP Builder, entrepreneurs, developers and companies can create a bidder in minutes. This technology enables the creation and growth of new DSPs and bidding applications, significantly decreasing the barrier to entry for new participants in the advertising market and further accelerating the growth of the industry.

When Rubicon Project launched in 2007, there were approximately 100 ad networks. The pioneering of ad network optimization would eventually lead to hundreds of new ad networks. Later, with the launch of RTB, the industry grew to include hundreds of DSPs. DSP Builder looks to further accelerate the growth of the industry – both in total spend and the number of participants – by making it easier for more real time bidding applications to enter the market.

HFC2 is Rubicon Project’s second-generation high frequency cloud that is being offered to other companies and developers for the first time. This high frequency cloud-computing platform is purpose-built for applications needing hyper scale infrastructure. It is optimized for low network latency, ultra high throughput and massive complex event processing. While existing clouds are focused on infrastructure for websites, HFC2 is infrastructure for high-scale transactions.

Rubicon Project’s real time cloud computing infrastructure processes 5 trillion bid requests per month, 3.5 million peak queries per second, and 3.6 petabytes of data across 35,000 CPUs. Rubicon Project’s real time cloud consists of unique architectures, custom-engineered hardware and specially programmed silicon chips. HFC2 is the second-generation of this proven high-scale infrastructure, which has processed 100 trillion bid requests since 2012 for thousands of customers.

“At The Garage, our innovators are focused on creating the cutting edge technologies that will drive growth for the advertising industry, attract new entrants, and support innovators who will create new solutions that make advertising better for buyers, sellers and consumers,” said Tim McQuillen, Chief Knowledge Officer at Rubicon Project. “None of this would be possible without Rubicon Project’s commitment to technology and culture that attracts top engineering talent.”

For more information on The Garage and to request an invitation to join Rubicon Project’s Private Beta for DSP Builder and HFC2 please visit garage.rubiconproject.com.