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Virool Launches Innovative Programmatic Mobile Video Vertical Ad Unit Through Rubicon Project’s Marketplace

Posted: May 2nd, 2016

Latest Innovation in Video Offers Advertisers and Publishers High Demand Ad Units in Rapidly Growing Mobile Video Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -May 02, 2016 – Virool, the fastest growing video distribution platform for marketers, and Rubicon Project (RUBI), which operates one of the largest open advertising marketplaces reaching approximately one billion consumers, today unveiled a new vertical video unit for advertisers and publishers. Virool and Rubicon Project will leverage the scale of programmatic advertising to bring vertical video advertising to the buyers and sellers on mobile web.

Known as Vertical Revealâ„¢, the new outstream unit from Virool dynamically embeds vertical video messages into related editorial content on mobile web. Rubicon Project will be Virool’s initial launch partner to offer programmatic buying and selling, as well as direct order automation, of the Vertical Reveal ad units.

High engagement and viewability have driven the digital marketing industry to rapidly adopt vertical video. Vertical Reveal from Virool is the next adaptation of its widely popular outstream InLine unit that delivers video messages in the heart of editorial content on mobile devices. With vertical video delivering up to 9x completion rates*, the innovative new unit promises a 100% viewable experience that leverages the full screen of the device. Keeping consistent with Virool’s entire suite of ActivView products, Vertical Reveal promises to deliver real-time analytics on campaign performance.

Vertical Reveal for Advertisers:
With Vertical Reveal, now advertisers can deliver their brand messages the same way people consume mobile content. The highly-engaging format delivers portrait video content between paragraph breaks as a user is scrolling down the page. The benefits of Vertical Reveal to advertisers include:

    Center of attention: Delivers brand messages to all four corners, pausing when the video is less than 50% pixels in view
    Made to engage: One-click social icons, customizable end cards and CTAs maximize earned media potential
    Fit for any device: The vertical display complements the natural consumption experience on any smartphone or tablet device

Vertical Reveal for Publishers:
Unlike other outstream units that push text down on a page, Vertical Reveal was designed to reveal vertical video content from behind the article text. With the Vertical Reveal unit, publishers can dynamically embed vertical video messages into related editorial content on mobile web. The benefits of Vertical Reveal to publishers include:

    Made for mobile-web: Vertical inventory empowers publishers to deliver video experiences the way users want to consume content
    Preferred user experience: The familiar video format allows users to scroll and reveal video content with user-initiated audio for a friendly and polite experience
    Maximizing mobile yield: Capture additional advertising dollars as budgets shift towards vertical video on smartphone devices including iPhone and Android

“In the past year, video has been a huge source of our incremental growth as the demand has surpassed what we have supply for,” said Mike Foley, Director of Programmatic at The Daily Dot. “With more than 60% of our site traffic coming from mobile web, we are always looking for new revenue sources and vertical video has the potential to become a big part of our video monetization strategy. We’re excited to begin testing the Vertical Reveal unit with Virool as the industry continues to adapt to vertical habits.”

“Video is central to DJI’s efforts to promote our brand as the world’s leader in drone technology, and vertical video has the power to unlock a world of new opportunities to deliver our video messaging to a mobile-first audience,” said Gabriel Chan, DJI Global Director, Digital Brand. “We look forward to exploring how our video message can use the full screen of a device to capture an audience’s imagination.”

“We live in a world where content is being consumed on a vertical screen, particularly among millennials whose first digital language is mobile,” said Alex Debelov, CEO of Virool. “Vertical Reveal from Virool is the next adaptation of outstream, bringing brands closer than ever to their audience. Rubicon Project has been a tremendous partner to us and we’re excited to continue this relationship and help advertisers and publishers deliver vertical messages to mobile screens everywhere.”

“This new ad unit captures the excitement and innovation that is going on in mobile video right now,” said John Peragine, Head of Video, Rubicon Project. “Marketers are always looking for new ways to leverage the emotional engagement and performance that video delivers. Rubicon Project is constantly rethinking Video in Mobile and working with partners to deliver innovative new formats that satisfy the insatiable demand of advertisers. We are thrilled that Rubicon Project will be Virool’s initial launch partner to deliver the programmatic marketplace for buyers and sellers to access the engagement and monetization capabilities of the Vertical Reveal unit.”

Availability and Technical Specifications:

    Brands, agencies and programmatic buyers should contact the Virool sales team at clients@virool.com
    Publishers interested in integrating with the Vertical Reveal unit can contact the Virool publisher team at publishers@virool.com
    Rubicon Project customers should contact their Account team lead to get started, or email VideoSales@RubiconProject.com
    Vertical Reveal video advertising leverages the VAST protocol, the same IAB specification used by standard pre-roll in-stream video, providing standardized functionality, reporting and increased scale across premium publishers. For more information, go to: http://www.virool.com/vertical-reveal