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Real Time Selling Requires Real Protection

More buyers competing for your inventory equals higher revenue. But premium publishers first need controls and protection in place.

  • Ad Quality Control
  • Direct Sales Pricing Protection
  • Malware Prevention
  • Data Protection

REVV features industry-unique ad quality and channel conflict protection capabilities going far beyond a “browser plug-in” to self-report unwanted ads. For the most brand-sensitive publishers, REVV even offers the ability to pre-approve each ad creative.


Unparallelled Ad Quality Control Technology

How do you verify that unwanted ads do not go on your site? You can hit your browser’s refresh button… REVV does that for you. Our proprietary technology simulates real user sessions. As soon as a new unknown creative is found, two humans will review and classify it. Publishers can view how each ad network complies with ad quality settings.

  • Ad quality compliance reporting by ad network
  • Average quality performance: 99.1%
  • Automated creative monitoring capturing 95% of incidents, (i.e. only 5% manually detected)
  • Pre-screening functionality for all ad network campaigns
  • Ability to view all harvested ads and quality violations
  • Block list management
  • Detection of auto-audio ads
  • Browser plug-in for easy self-reporting

REVV Creative Control – the Ultimate Ad Quality Control

For the most brand sensitive publishers, REVV uniquely offers the ability to pre-approve each creative providing you 100% control of the ads that appear on your site.


REVV Protects your Direct Sales Pricing

Real time trading lowers your cost of sales and can augment the direct sales channel. For premium publishers with a direct sales force, REVV supports multiple strategies to avoid price erosion and defend against channel conflict:

  • Block advertisers & industries. Our unique system monitors your site 24/7.
  • Raise direct advertiser price floors to reflect rate card
  • Create Private Marketplaces for select buyers.
  • Control how you appear to Buyers through URL anonymizing

Malware – Don’t Infect your Users

The Rubicon Project has invested far more in malware prevention than other vendors. We acquired the leading anti-malware vendor (SiteScout) and incorporated their proprietary technology into our platform.

  • 24×7 scanning across North America and all major European markets.
  • Instant pausing of malicious ad tags.
  • Stealth technology to avoid tipping off the bad guys.


Data Protection – Transparency Into Which Parties Are on Your Site 

With each available impression, REVV selects a winning buyer who in turn may engage other third parties. Rubicon Project partners with TRUSTe, to show exactly which parties are active on your site. The insight can inform decisions around security and so called data leakage.


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