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Insights Drive Revenue

To help you make the right decisions, REVV offers user-friendly and flexible analytics and reporting. Behind the scenes we store every single bid transaction linked with advertiser data.

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Buyer Analysis
  • Protection Analysis
  • Custom reporting and distribution

Understand What Drives Revenue

Comprehensive reporting around revenue and traffic to help you understand:

  • Revenue by CPM tiers to understand how REVV CPM stack up against other sources.
  • Revenue by site, ad type, ad size, buyer and other factors.

Understand your Buyers

REVV can be viewed as a prospecting database holding 60,000+ advertisers.

  • Identify buyers that bid low. How can we make them raise their bids?
  • Identify buyers that bid high but not often. Can you offer more of these users?
  • Are you blocking out valuable advertisers?
  • Which agency trading desk is a specific advertiser coming through?
  • Identify spikes where a trading desks suddenly push up CPM by a factor 10.
  • How is a specific advertiser bidding on your site compared to the average site?

Protection Analysis

  • View ad quality compliance for each ad network. This insight lets you take action to adjust ad quality performance
  • Understand exactly which third parties are active on your site, such as data management providers or verification vendors. This insight informs decisions around so called data leakage.

Comprehensive Reporting Functionality

In contrast with some other solutions, REVV provides comprehensive analytics functionality:

  • Create and save custom reports. No need to recreate your report each morning.
  • Set up weekly Email report distributions to your sales or finance team.

A Dedicated Team on Your Side

Your dedicated services team is working with you to create new reports and guide strategic and day-to-day decisions.


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