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the Rubicon Renegades Rev Up for the Season Ahead

Dirt, sweat, lights, laughter, support, unified effort towards the same objective, late games, friendly competition, and the occasional happy hour. That is what this season of softball is all about, and the Rubicon Renegades represent the Rubicon Project as a united force to be reckoned with out on the field. The team consists of combined players from legacy Rubicon & legacy Fox Audience Network’s former softball teams. As the old adage goes, “Two teams are better than one.” Or is it two heads?

We are part of a healthy 34-team league in the Advertising and Marketing Softball League of Los Angeles along other companies such as Davis Elen Adv., Van Wagner Comm., Edelman, Ogilvy, and Machinima. Our first couple games in an 18-game season were those of a coach’s dream, sans the win: we immediately gelled as a team with positive attitudes and we functioned as cohesively and nearly as eclectically smooth as a Final Fantasy symphony. While we may not have won when it came to the final score, we definitely won in spirit. The first game was a close call of 13:10, with Van Wagner taking the victory. Had we not been time boxed to 1:15 and cut off by the umpire mid-lineup, we most likely would have brought it home. But it wasn’t even about the win for us – it was about the camaraderie we shared; the fun mayhem of scrambling to fill positions and calling players to bat and on deck in an even female to male ratio to suffice AMSLLA’s rules; the rapport-building, and the alias-acquiring of colleagues that while may work under the same roof may also work on the opposite side of the business. The 2nd game did not bode as well as he had hoped in terms of a win against Davis Elen, but the spirit was still there and has proven to be an incomparable and inevitable characteristic of our team. Tonight’s game we face off against Team One Adv. and we are confident that we will take the win home.

The level of commitment amongst the team was indicated by 3rd baseman James Byrd, who came out on his birthday to play in the 1st game, as well as those who have come out to support those playing in late night games.  On game days you can always find us dressed to the nines in our Rubicon jerseys, as we truly represent what it means to be a team. We had a fantastic first couple games; quite the precedent for the four-month season ahead. So be sure to come out and support your Rubicon Renegades this season as we hustle not only in the office but also out on the field!