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Rubicon Gets Fit

Rubicon Gets Fit

Recently Rubicon kicked off a 90 day company-wide commitment to tackling personal health & fitness goals. With everyone’s hectic schedules at play, it can be difficult to fit in a trip to the gym or make time to eat a health conscious meal. In an effort to empower our team members to make their health and well being a priority, we’ve created incentives during our 90 day commitment by hosting a body fat loss challenge and fitness challenges for the entire company.

JT Push Ups
Justin Thomas (VP, Platform Sales North America) practices pushups for the upcoming Fitness Challenges.

Our team has already taken to the challenge by implementing new fitness centered office rules [10 air squats each time you open the refrigerator] and are opting for the stairs instead of taking the elevator up 14 floors. We look forward to 90 days of health & fitness participation and education! #GetFit

Working While Doing Wall Sits
Saket Saurabh (VP Engineering, Mobile Project) & Tracy Kim (Program Manager,Mobile) know how to multitask, wall sits while working!