Thought Leadership
January 10, 2019
Key factors behind our growth in video and audio
Watch Michael Barrett explain why video and audio shone bright for us in 2018 and what we can expect for 2019.
Thought Leadership
November 16, 2018
The Next Evolution of Cross-Device Shopping
With 24 million people streaming music and podcasts each week, there are enormous opportunities for brands to target people on-the-go with relevant and timely messages that only require a verbal affirmative to initiate a purchase. That’s the power of voice. Consumers are ready. Is your advertising strategy?
Thought Leadership
October 31, 2018
The Future of Programmatic Audio?
Nina Harvey, Head of Audio at Rubicon Project talks about the future of audio.
Thought Leadership
October 24, 2018
Let’s Get Personal: Dynamic Creative Optimization for Audio
While programmatic creative isn’t necessarily a new tool for buyers to utilize, there is an opportunity within the audio world to provide deeper personalization and, therefore, better performance and campaign efficiency for brands through Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO).
Thought Leadership
October 22, 2018
Using Dynamic Creative for Programmatic Audio
Rubicon Project explains how dynamic creative can be used for advertising via audio channels.
Thought Leadership
October 15, 2018
Why Programmatic Audio?
Our Head of Audio, Nina Harvey, discusses the benefits of programmatic audio
Thought Leadership
August 27, 2018
Getting Programmatic Audio on the Mainstream Media Plan
Here’s a glimpse into some of the projects currently underway toward streamlining and standardizing programmatic audio.
Thought Leadership
June 14, 2018
You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Rise of Programmatic Audio
The rise of digital audio—both as a medium, and as an ad opportunity - is a trend that is impossible to ignore.
Press Releases
February 16, 2017
SoundCloud Selects Rubicon Project to Automate its Streaming Audio and Video Ad Inventory
For the first time advertisers are able to programmatically access SoundCloud’s global audio and video inventory in one place
Press Releases
July 20, 2016
Spotify Taps Rubicon Project to Automate Audio Inventory
Partnership marks the first time Spotify’s digital audio inventory has been made available in an automated fashion via Deal ID and private marketplaces