Thought Leadership
December 12, 2018
Is 2019 the Tipping Point for Supply Path Optimization?
As the push for transparent programmatic partnerships continues, a clear understanding of how various buyers might define “transparency” is now more important than ever.
Thought Leadership
November 26, 2018
SPO: Why choose Rubicon Project?
Jon Cooke,VP Global Agency Sales at Rubicon Project explains how Rubicon Project can help you enable SPO.
Thought Leadership
November 13, 2018
SPO: How do buyers get started?
Here is how buyers can get started with SPO and how Rubicon Project can help.
Thought Leadership
November 7, 2018
Why You Should Meet with your SSP
Sitting down with your SSP can bring clarity, transparency and offer valuable insight into how your marketing dollars are being spent. Here’s why you should make time to sit down and talk shop.
Thought Leadership
November 6, 2018
What is SPO?
Rubicon Project's VP of Global Agency Sales, Jon Cooke, explains what is Supply Path Optimization and why it is important to buyers.