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FACT: RTB-enabled Sites saw 37% Lift Year Over Year, 25% Greater Lift on Average. Do You RTB?

the Rubicon Project launched REVV Protected RTB 1.0 last year to enable publishers to leverage all the benefits of real-time bidding while ensuring their direct sales channels, pricing and site visitors remain safe. Since then, our team has gathered valuable insight and feedback from publishers and demand channel partners on the benefits and risks associated with RTB. In addition, our business intelligence analysts have spent a great deal of time combing through the data from these first six months of programmatic buying in the REVV Marketplace.

As Product Manager of REVV Protected RTB at the Rubicon Project, I have had direct access and feedback on this information. I’ve shared some of my insight on the RTB topic with recent posts such as Using Dynamic Price Floors to Protect Publisher Value and the RTB Primer.”After some positive feedback (and our marketing team identifying my passion for writing), I felt inclined to keep writing.

Today, along with the Rubicon Project team, I’m happy to share our latest free Market Intelligence report: “Mechanics of RTB.” The report explores the world of real-time bidding (RTB) as it relates to publishers of premium websites, and the monetization strategies that incorporate RTB to bring publishers the most revenue possible across all sales channels.

Highlights of the white paper include:

  • The impact of RTB for publishers who include it as part of a holistic yield optimization mix (400% increase in Q410 spend);
  • The CPM effect: eCPMs on RTB-enabled inventory on average 143% greater than those paid by non-RTB buyers;
  • The Lift Factor: RTB-enabled sites saw 37% lift year over year, or 25% greater revenue lift on average than sites that did not include real-time bidding in their optimization mix.

Click here to download the free report (scroll the bottom of the Market Intelligence page & find “Mechanics of RTB” under Best Practices).I hope you find it useful. Of course, if you have an feedback or comments – I’d love to hear them.

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